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We organize courses for beginners and advanced students who are involved in teaching and learning knitting and have a certain duration in which all students can learn about yarns, their history and their endless uses. The purpose of the courses is to make the students independent from a pedagogical point of view. Thanks to the learning of our method, she can therefore choose the ideal yarn for the project, which wants to create a tailor-made scheme and the desired model chosen.

Our courses are aimed at ...... who has never knitted and would like to learn this art or who already knows how to work and what has to do with finishing, models, stitch calculations and quant. and for those who want to spend a pleasant hour in company to learn and learn more and more concepts, tips and secrets of this wonderful world of iron. Our students will be able to get to know the techniques, tricks and secrets of the trade and to produce a finished product in a simple way and with great satisfaction. Every pupil will be able to follow his own working and learning rhythms without being penalized by the times of more or less fast escorts. There will be those who already know a topic and know how to do it better ... and then discover new tricks to optimize their learning. We will go through small samples to revise together or verify the skills to design a garment for themselves, always on the advice and supervision of the teacher. It is possible, but not essential, to practice what you learn from week to week. It is not possible to attend our knitting courses accompanied by adults or children. If in doubt or information, please contact Luciana and Elena