The personal information provided when recording is kept in our
server and will not be accessible to other people for no reason.
L'Emporio dei filati will use information only for normal operations relating to purchase, billing, newsletters, promotions, communications emails and for the normal management of the account.

I forgot my password, what do I do?
If you remember the registration email just click on "lost password" by going to the page "remembered email", enter your email address. You will have your password back by email.

I can not access my account, what should I do?
If your Internet browser crashes and you can not access your account on Emporio Filati, try clearing your browser cookies and chace, then try to  log in again. If it doesn't work, let us know and we will solve the problem as soon as possible

Why do I receive emails from Emporio filati?
You receive only some essential communications. When you register on our website, you will receive a confirmation email. When you place an order, the system will send you an email with a summary.
We may contact you via email if there are changes in your order or in shipping and billing information, or if there are problems with the payment. In that case, it will be impossible to ship the whole order or part of it.
In addition to these basic emails, and you will receive some emails about offers and promotions.

Which payment methods are accepted by Emporio filati?
We accept: cash at delivery (only in Italy), bank transfers, Paypal, credit card, poste pay and prepaid card by opening a free Paypal account .
It's simple! Log in at http://WWW.PAYPAL.IT/IT, click on "register", choose language. Country and the type of account you want to open, fill in the form and it is already active .
You just have to associate your credit card or debit card to your Paypal account. If you do not have a card there is no problem, you can put money on your Paypal account with a bank transfer.
The service is free and safe: pay your purchases with PayPal without sharing your financial information with the seller.

How to buy on Emporio filati?
Buying is easy and fast!
To complete an order on our website you can choose one of the following methods:
E-commerce: browsing our site you can complete the purchase in the traditional way. To complete the purchase you must be registered by creating an Account and you can pay by bank transfer, PayPal or cash on delivery. (Deliveries only apply to Italy)

Telephone orders: you can contact one of our representatives at +39 0342.638150. We look forward to creating your account and fill out the order for you, we will follow you step by step. OPENING HOURS: from 9 am to 12.00 pm - from 2.30 pm to 7 pm (MONDAY MORNING CLOSED).
email order: once you have chosen the products you can send an e-mail to ordini@emporiofilati.it containing your contact phone, your billing information, the shipping address, the desired items and payment type. You will be contacted by phone or by email as soon as possible to confirm the order and to confirm the purchase.

Once the products are selected, they will be delivered to your shipping address.
Delivery usually takes a few days from the order date
Abroad deliveries take about a week, depending on which country.

How to proceed to order online?
To complete the order you must be registered and create an account. The procedure is fast and easy: just click on the link inside the cart or click on "register" at the top of each page. Log in page for new customers: by accessing the registration process you can create your profile in a few simple steps.

How to find and choose products?
Browse the site, starting from the home page. Follow the links directly to the products, special offers are in evidence, you can also find a product list in the right column. Find on sale products, divided into categories. From each group, with a few simple clicks, you can go directly to pages of penetration of each product and read the descriptions, view pictures and see their characteristics.
It is easy to find a product using the "Search in the Site" button. By entering the item name or the name of a manufacturer, relevant results will be displayed.

How to add products to the shopping cart?
To add the products you have chosen from the wishlist to the cart, click on "buy" and item will be automatically added to cart. You can change quantity, review when you want you purchase. The minimum amount is of 20 EUR.

How to use promo codes?
If you have a Promotional code, type it in the dedicated space, you can get great discount. Remember to use your coupon code before payment.

I placed an order but have not received the confirmation email. What's happened?
Our operating system automatically sends an email confirmation for each order and delivery by email, immediately after a successful payment. If you do not immediately receive the email, please check in junk mail, otherwise email us at info@emporiofilati.it . We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Can I change the delivery address if you have already placed an order?

If we have not shipped your order yet, it is usually possible to make changes. Changes must be communicated as soon as possible by email or by phone. We will change the destination before the shipping.

I have checked my order at the delivery and a product is missing...

- first of all, verify that the missing product has not been warded off by the order of delivery, visit your account, access the order and check if the product is available or not

In the case in which the product regularly results in the order and the package delivered, maybe it is just a logistic error. Please contact us to the number +39 0342.638150, or email us at info@emporiofilati.it. We will check the storehouse and the weight of the expeditious package. In case of positive verification, you can choose whether to immediately receive the lacking product or to convert it in a good discount for a following order.

In the case the package results opened, damaged or however not conforming, we invite you to sign with reserve of control or to refuse the withdrawal.

In how many days will you be delivering my order?

We always try to send orders as fast as we can. A standard order is usually sent within 2 working days from the date of receipt. This time is necessary for us to record the orders and for the preparation of packages. In particular cases, it can happen that some articles delay being supplied (for example, because of a momentary difficulty of a particular supplier to guarantee the punctual provisioning of the goods).

In these cases, for the goods to be supplied to our store, it generally doesn't take longer than 24 additional hours. To this phase of preparation is followed by the phase of delivery and the real schedule depends on the area of destination: 24 hours in the cases of the principal destinations, about 72 hours in the cases of hard to reach areas.

During Christmas holiday, generally from November 15th to January 10th, delivery can take longer than expected, because of increasing business in delivery companies. We apologize in advance for any possible delays.

Can I place an on line order and then stop by the store and take it home?

Naturally! If you live around here and you stop by, we will be glad to welcome you in our shop and to meet you.

I found an operation problem in the site. How can I let you know the error?

If the site is malfunctioning, it is possible to let our webmaster know by emailing him at info@esse-design.net. It is important to specify the Internet browser and the version you are using(ex. Explorer 7, Firefox 3.2, etc.). Please specify the operating system (Windows Vista, Mac Osx, Windows XP, etc). Our IT dept is ready to solve any possible functioning mistake.

Thank you for your help!