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Save and wash bag, to protect precious or knitted and crochet garments and prevent damage. Comfortable, practical and very functional. Prevents accessories such as sliders, zippers, buttons, hooks from getting caught in the shirt. Ideal for washing separately accessories that may have sharp, pungent, square parts. ability to reduce friction both in the washing machine and in the dryer Well structured, resistant and reusable bag Polyester mesh material with an optimal texture that allows water and soap to penetrate inside the bag ensuring optimal cleaning. Design studied in detail of the hinge, a small elastic area at the end of the hinge offers extra protection. It can also be used as a travel or daily bag for storing clothes, accessories, small children's clothing, toys, underwear etc.


Caratteristiche del filato
Composition poliestere di alta qualità
Characteristics misura 40 cm x 50 cm
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