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Filatura di Crosa


Very thin yarn in soft mohair. Mohair fiber, thanks to its luster and extreme length, is used in the production of fine worsted yarns in pure mohair or sometimes mixed with wool.

The diameter of the mohair fiber can vary between 24 and 60 microns. Another factor that makes fine mohair is the ability to be dyed: the coloring is uniform and resistant, well rooted in the fiber, even after numerous washes, does not fade and does not fade.

Baby kid extra in the gold brand Filatura di Crosa, looks like a thin hairy and very soft thread.

Each ball weighs 25 grams but the yield of this yarn is wonderful: 245 meters long, the softness is reminiscent of a chick.

It is naturally 100% Italian yarn.

Its exact composition is: 80% baby kid mohair - 20 / polyamide


Caratteristiche del filato
Composition 80% baby kid mohair e 20% poliamide
weight 25 gr
Ferri n° 3 - 3,5
Meters 245 metri
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