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"I am creative" Creativity is not a quality that all people possess. Who's got it is lucky. Having said that we pass "from saying to doing" Often we have the imagination and good taste to invent beautiful, original, innovative things ... but who then realizes them as we see them in our creative mind? - The problem does not exist if we are able to realize them ourselves. - I... read more

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It requires patience" Everything that is manual requires patience, application and precision. It is unthinkable to expect to get optimal results right away. The approach to a new technique, as knitting may be, wants its time. It helps a lot to be motivated.     there are those who want to learn to make clothes that they want for themselves, or for a baby.     ther... read more

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"Summer yarns" Summer breaks out and you can serve a light but light garment that, at the same time, dresses you, perfect for cool days in the office and indispensable for summer weekends, in the mountains or at the sea. To get the best possible result, in every creation, you have to get used to weighing every variant that can condition your knitting. VARIANT N ° 1: natural processing. It... read more

Unicita' , creativita' , come privarsene ?! .. Elena

Riscoprire sé stessi, il contatto con la realtà… la manualità e la creatività costituiscono due elementi che permettono di riuscire a percepire più da vicino alla concretezza di quanto ci circonda, della vita, del suo senso e della sua forma. L’innovazione, la frenesia e l’avvento dei social e del web hanno portato – purtroppo – a farci dimenticare ... read more